Squiz Summit 2016

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8 September – Sydney, Australia

Whether you’re an experienced marketer, a technical guru, or an inspirational business leader, you will learn something new at Squiz Summit 16. Join us in Sydney for a full day of learning, inspiration, networking and fun.

Confidence to thrive in a digital first world

We’ve carefully designed our content, gathered the best speakers, and chosen a fantastic venue to deliver the most important event you’ll attend this year! Big call? Well, our goal is to make the complex seem easy, motivate and inspire you, all to ensure you’re buzzing and look good when you go back to the office….and beyond!

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The day

  • Squiz Summit highlights


    This year's Summit will consist of two keynote presentations. The first will be presented by Squiz Founder and CEO JP, where he will be taking you on a digital journey and providing insight on how to embrace and master the 4th Industrial Revolution. To complete the day, we also have a very special Keynote lined-up for you, where we will cover some real-life digital experiences and case-studies from across a wide variety of industries.

  • Squiz Summit highlights


    After the beginning Keynote you'll have an opportunity to select up to four break-out sessions from across three Streams. You'll be selecting from a choice of 12 which includes CMS, Search, CRM, Marketing Automation, Innovation and Digital Workplaces. Our partner technologies Funnelback, Verint, Marketo and SugarCRM will also be well represented. These sessions will share the latest concepts, features, tools and fundamentals to thrive in a digital first world.

  • Squiz Summit highlights

    Exclusive 1:1 Meetings

    Running parallel to the break-out streams, you can book a face-to-face session with some of our subject matter experts across a wide variety of topics. These meetings are informal and provide a forum for high level discussion around some of the challenges you are facing and how we can offer you valuable solutions in areas such as Content, Marketing Automation, Analytics, Networking & Security and Strategy.

Registered delegates will receive an email in August to select break-out sessions and book 1:1 meetings.

Agenda overview

The day will consist of 12 breakout sessions to choose from, with something for everyone.
Here is a sample of some of the exciting presentations on offer.

9:00am arrival for a 9:30am start.

Summit concludes at 4:30pm, followed by networking drinks till 7:00pm.

Title Speaker Stream
9:00–9:30 Arrival & registration    
9:30–10:30 Navigate your digital world John-Paul Syriatowicz Keynote
10:30–11:00 Morning tea    
11:00–11:45 What's new in Matrix 5.4

What’s New In Matrix 5.4

Discover all the new features and benefits of the newly released Matrix 5.4 version and why you should upgrade.

  • New personalisation, A/B testing and conditional content capabilities using Content Variations and the new Persona asset.
  • New in-browser image editing tools for cropping, resizing and rotating including image variety editing in Edit+.
  • Context feature overhaul and usability improvements, a must if your site is using Contexts
Bart Banda Matrix
Search basics & hacks for marketing teams

Search basics and hacks for Marketing teams

The idea of search as a key tool in the marketing toolbox has been around for a long time. While the focus has primarily leaned towards SEO and structuring one’s content to fit the algorithms of major search engines, many marketers don’t understand the quick wins to be had through simple search hacks with the degree of control Funnelback places in their hands.

This session delves into the basics of what makes a search engine and shows how to utilise Funnelback’s out of the box functionality to understand user behaviour, personalise the search experience, run promotions and increase the visibility of key content.

Some of what you will learn:

  • How a search engine works and the tools Funnelback provides to help understand user behaviour
  • How to promote events or campaigns using search term triggers to up-weight search results and display promotions
  • How to personalise search and promote content based on anonymous users’ industry, organisation, or country
Vern Tee Funnelback
Leveraging marketing automation for cross-channel personalisation throughout the customer lifecycle

Leveraging marketing automation for cross-channel personalisation throughout the customer lifecycle

Driving revenue and ROI has never been more important for Marketers as our technological landscape shifts. This session shows how Australia's top organisations are leveraging marketing automation to achieve targets, increase efficiencies and improve customer experience across the entire lifecycle through cross channel personalisation.

Some of what you will learn:

  • Understanding the 4 W's of personalisation
  • Turn strategy into practical activities
  • Nurturing across channels throughout the customer lifecycle
Brooke Campbell Marketo
11:45–12:30 Unlock the power of content templates & Edit +

Unlock the Power of Content Templates & Edit+

See examples of various Content Template implementations to take your content authoring to the next level.

  • How Content Templates can take your publishing to the next level
  • Showcase of a range of different useful template examples
  • Client example showcase of how they use templates and what benefits they’ve got from it
James Sinclair Matrix
Pimping Out Your Search Interface

Pimping Out Your Search Interface

Traditional Google-style search results involves a white page and ten blue links, but search experience doesn’t have to be like that. From using images in search auto-completions, to grid layouts, to remotely included headers, and rich search result summaries, this session explores ways to make search an integral and seamless part of web experience.

  • Learn how to add autocompletion suggestions to any search form whether it's a CMS, a static web page, or a search results page
  • Learn how to present search results in any HTML structure to provide an on-brand experience tailored to the website design. Includes a demo of grid-layout search results
Robert Prib Funnelback
The Future of Customer Relationships in a Digital Age

The Future of Customer Relationships in a Digital Age

Amidst the disruption caused by cloud computing, mobile technology and the digitalisation of everything, our customers remain perennially analog; and human.

This challenge of integrating the digital and the human is rapidly evolving. Last year the spend on marketing technology for the first time exceeded the spend on advertising, and next year the CMO is predicted to spend more on IT than the CIO.

In this session, Marc will present what the near future of customer relationships will look like in three sectors; in Higher Education, Government, and Financial Services, and will give you practical tips on how you can you can move towards the digital future of customer relationships.

Marc Englaro Customer Experience
12:30–13:30 Lunch    
13:30–14:15 Matrix Implementation Tips & Tricks

Matrix Implementation Tips & Tricks

Learn advanced implementation techniques for optimal site performance and maintainability using the latest best practices, features and keywords released in recent Matrix versions.

  • How to structure your parse file, design tags and the best use of Customisations
  • The optimal and recommended folder structure to separate your content from design
  • Tips for creating Content Templates and how to add customisations & plugins for Edit+
Bart Banda Matrix
Useful insights from content and metadata

Useful insights from Content and Metadata

With organisations collecting vast amounts of data, finding the right information is getting harder. This problem is made worse by data being siloed in many repositories (website, enterprise, and social media) and by people referring to things in different ways and accessing information in different ways (e.g. desktop vs. mobile vs. accessibility devices). This session outlines ways to gainvisibility of your data, identify problems, and find opportunities to make it easier to access.

  • Learn to identify misspellings, undesirable terms, missing metadata, duplicate titles, duplicate content, and ageing content scattered throughout your organisation
  • Understand metadata, it’s purpose and how to interactively analyse the completeness of your content
  • Learn to identify pages that have Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics code and what Ids are used on those pages. Also find out which pages have script tags in them
Phil Riethmuller Funnelback
How culture and innovation drive new competitive advantage

How culture and innovation drive new competitive advantage

In the fast paced world of business today - every organisation is striving for relevance to remain competitive and profitable.Leading organisations are realising that their own workforce is a source of competitive advantage. The challenge now is how to access the ideas of this dispersed group and bring them to reality. The first step in our view is building a culture that understandsand supports creative thinking and uses this process for problem solving.

Some of what you will learn:

  • Defining a creative mindset
  • Outline a model for creative problem solving
  • Demonstrate Squiz roadmap supports a positive change
Cindy Lenferna de la Motte & Helen Simpson Customer Experience
14:15–15:00 Matrix and Squiz product suite integration

Matrix and Squiz Product Suite Integration

Learn how to get the most of Matrix when integrating it with Funnelback, SugarCRM, Marketo and other Squiz and third party technologies.

  • Get an understanding of the integration features and capabilities in Matrix in order to connect to your various Squiz products
  • How to use the Squiz Edge network to optimise the performance of your site
  • Live implementation example of a basic Matrix integration to the product Suite
Chris Grist Matrix and more
Making search better: The art of structuring unstructured content without the hard work

Making search better: The art of structuring unstructured content without the hard work

Structured content refers to any content that resides in fixed fields rather than free flowing text. The advantage of structured content is that it enables users to refine their search using concepts rather than just individual keywords or phrases. It also enables additional search and discovery paradigms such as faceted navigation and rich query completion, and means search results can be presentedmore visually and meaningfully. In this session, we learn five ways to get all these benefits without the hard work of adding metadata to every page.

  • How to bulk tag content with metadata
  • Write custom rules to scrape and synthesise metadata from unstructured content
  • How to do faceted navigation on unstructured content using predefined searches
Matthew Sheppard Funnelback
1+1=WOW – the benefits of bringing together technologies that were made for each other

1+1=WOW – the benefits of bringing together technologies that were made for each other

Web CMS / enterprise search and CRM are most often bought by different departments (‘comms’ and customer service) which inevitably shapes the market and means when integration is desired it is limited. But what benefits could you deliver to your customers if you were able to bring together these disparate technologies into one seamlessly integrated solution?

Come to this session and find out:

  • How customers can enjoy beautiful and sophisticated online experiences
  • How customer service agents are fully empowered to proactively support digital customers
  • Where ‘comms’ employees can better understand customer behaviour as a result of integrated analytics
David Moody, Verint Customer Experience
15:00–15:30 Afternoon tea    
15:30–16:00 Digital Workplace

Digital Workplace

Today’s businesses are knowledge based, but the nature of knowledge is changing. Digital technologies are continuously evolving, and a new generation of workers are demanding new ways of communicating and collaborating.

This session explores the challenges with digital literacy and how this can be addressed by evolving your intranet to become a digital workplace.

Alex Buchanan Keynote
16:00–16:30 Top 5 Industry insights from ADMA Richard Harris, ADMA Keynote
16:30–19:00 Networking drinks  

Why attend?

At Squiz Summit, you'll find something for every level of interest and need, whether you’re looking for thought-leading insight or hands-on training.

  • Be inspired

    After spending a full day with the team, you’ll understand what it takes to thrive in a digital first world.

  • Be the first to know

    Get the low-down on the latest features in Matrix, Funnelback, Roadmap and our partner technologies, Verint, Marketo and SugarCRM.

  • Variety is the spice…

    Boost your knowledge and learn from leading experts from across several industries.

  • Talk to the experts

    Got a question? There will also be plenty of time to chat with a variety tech gurus and thought leaders throughout the day.

  • Meet people like you

    Meet people and teams, across a wide variety of industries, to understand more about how they’re using the same products you use.

  • Have fun

    Relax with colleagues and peers for drinks, networking and some fun.

The venue

Squiz Summit 16 is taking place across multiple rooms at the Ivy, with the Keynotes hosted in the Ivy Ballroom. We'll wrap up the day with networking drinks, cocktails and canapés so make sure you bring your appetite!

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  • All-day networking opportunities
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  • Upon registration, an opportunity to plan your day to suit you
  • Access to videos from all of the sessions

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What is the dress code?
Smart casual.

If I’m no longer able to attend the event, will I receive a refund?
Cancellations received by Monday 15 August will be accepted and fees refunded less a $180 administration fee. Substitute participants are welcome. Cancellations made after Monday 15 August will be at the Conference Organising Teams discretion. Please contact Kristen Smith, Event Manager at ksmith@squiz.net if you need to cancel.